TRS Hall of Fame

Out there is so many great Ruck & Grom builds that we decided to invite you to send us pictures of your ride.

We give you a chance to be featured for the entire next month on TRS home page banner, Facebook cover, IG carousel post,
and to be forever placed in a “Hall of Fame” on our web site.

Each month we’ll pick Ruck & Grom of the Month so don’t be shy and let your creativity fly.
Well, pick up your cameras, mobile phones or drones and send us your best shot at

At the start of each month, a new FB & IG thread/invitation will be made. One week before the end of the month we’ll gather all received emails and pick two best bikes. The TRS staff reserves the right to edit and/or remove submissions that they deem inappropriate.

– May the steady hand and sun behind your camera be with you! –

And remember! Creativity counts a bit more than a price tag attached to your build. 😉

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