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The Ruck Shop online store is designed to provide you with a safe, and secure environment to browse our products catalog.

Affordability and quality for the masses are our main mottos. Do you want a custom Ruckus, GY6 Swap, or to stretch your Grom? Or make your Metropolitan, Monkey 125, Navi, or Trail 125 a bit faster and nicer? But everywhere you look things cost a small fortune! Seeing people paying high prices for sometimes questionable quality parts has to stop. After owning a successful motorcycle dealership, the owner decided to get back in the game. He starts selling quality parts at affordable prices.

We, at The Ruck Shop, only sell what we have in stock.

Our company does not take your money in advance and then order the desired part. If you can add it to the cart we have it in our retail store. The store carries over 5000 product SKU codes. Over the years TheRuckShop has expanded our facilities to include not only our retail location. With fully Automated HAAS CNC Lathes and Mills, we manufacture quality billet CNC parts in-house. As well as having our own R&D department, we have a fully equipped fabrication shop where we weld TRS exhausts and parts.

Our company only sells and manufactures quality parts and accessories. For our customers, we do not provide service or build Honda bikes.

Need a fresh idea for your build? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or check our Video Library on YouTube. If you have a tech question feel free to check out our TECH SUPPORT page.