All-in-One Flexible Turn and Brake LED Tail Light Strips – Z-Flex 8 inches

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The Z-flex turn and brake strips (Z-Turns) are flexible LED light arrays for brake lights and turn signals built into one D-shaped tube. The lights are made with a center brake light all red LED light and the turn signals on the outsides with Red or amber LEDs. A variety of available size options makes them easy to install on a broad range of motorcycles built by different manufacturers. The light is a hardwired connection to your bike. Posi-tap can be used for an easier installation. The pre-made Z-Flex Turns and Brakes are shipped with a dual-circuit element to make the center light work as a running and brake light and the turn signals to work like stock lights. This is perfect for when you do a fatty or stretch on a Metropolitan  Scooter or if you want a clean look on the rear of the Ruckus Frame

Z-Flex Turn and Brake Features:


  • We have all red LED for turns and center brake or amber turn signals with a red center brake.
  • The light is a peel and stick.
  • The wires come out of one side of the tube.
  • A hardwired installation
  • A load equalizer may be needed to retain stock flash rates.
  • The housing is a D-channel tube
  • Dimensions 0.325in. x 0.325in.
  • This comes in the smoked housing.
  • Input voltage: 12VDC
  • 8.2in  center 3.6in with 1.8in turns; includes one dual-element circuit


Weight 0.185 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 3 × 0.25 in


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