ARacer RC Super 2 Stage 3 Ultimate Engine Management System ECU Honda Grom Monkey 125 2014-18

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ARacer RC Super 2 Stage 3 is a Complete engine management system that allows you to make all adjustments via a laptop. Pair this up with the correct fuel injector size and you could easily tune your engine to run. Tuning could be done on a dyno (highly recommended) or safely on a back road /street using a wide band o2 gauge and sensor with the auto-tune function. Optional DG1 and AF1 combo option is available and recommended to be used with the Super RC2 to monitor A/F ratio.

  • Dual core design, calculation speed up 50%
  • More accuracy operation of injection and ignition timing
  • Weight reduce 12%, heat dissipation10%
  • Can be extend several professional race kits and modules
  • Support all NA modified of the engine
  • 3D Injection can be adjusted
  • 3D ignition timing can be adjust
  • Unblock rpm limited, support rpm to 16500rpm
  • Vehicle standard control strategy, include temperature, baro….etc. compensation
  • Support many popular bike model, free download map and increase performance
  • Increase power at least 10% by stock engine
  • Plug and Play
  • 100% stock ecu connector, no need to cut or modify the stock wire
  • Meet IP67 vehicle standard
  • Autotune function ( AF1 wideband AFR module is necessary)
  • Fuel and Injection phase adjustable
  • Ignition timing and dwell time adjustable
  • Manifold Air Pressure base for inlet air amount calculation
  • Released engine speed limited
  • Environment temp and Barometer compensation available
  • Free MAP download for various vehicle model (Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Kymco, SYM…)
  • Increase almost 10% above power after calibration (depend on engine model)
  • Easy plugin (remove stock ECU and install RC1 ECU without any harness modified)
  • Same connector as stock ECU
  • Super RC2 ECU meet IP67 specs
  • Support Auto-Tune with aRacer AF1 wideband sensor module
  • Race & ECOMAP real-time switch with iMode
  • Launch mode for racing start
  • Valet mode for anti-thief or running usage


Weight .8125 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2.5 in


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