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Motul Scooter 4T Mineral Based 4-Stroke Motor Oil | 10W-40 | 1 Liter | 105937


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In stock

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MOTUL Scooter Expert 4T 10W40 MA Motor Oil – 1 Liter

With the right lubricant your engine will be more reliable and last longer. Whatever the riding conditions (traffic, bad weather…), reach your destination safely. Free your mind of technical concerns, you’ve got the perfect solution for stop-and-go city traffic. Discover the best way to commute daily and improve your riding comfort with MOTUL.

Lubricant for 4-Stroke scooter where a 10W40 viscosity and JASO MB specification are required. Low Emission. Detergent and anti-wear properties.

Technical Information:

  • application: daily use
  • engine type: 4-stroke
  • vehicle type: scooter
  • quality: Technosynthese
  • viscosity: 10W40
  • OEM approvals: API SM / SL / SJ / SH / SG, JASO MA
  • size: 1 liter

International Standards:

  • API:
    • The Standards API (American Petroleum Institute) defines the performance of engine oils for gasoline engines using service categories (“S”). These range from the latest service category “SN”, valid since 2010, to the oldest category “SJ”, introduced in 2001. It is important that the latest service category covers the capabilities of the preceding service categories.
  • JASO:
    • JASO (Japanese Automobile Standards Organization) has developed its own standard for 4-stroke motorcycle engine oils with the JASO T903. The grades MA, MA1 and MA2 now facilitate the selection of motorcycle engine oils, which were developed especially for wet clutches. JASO MA2 stands for highest coefficients of friction and thus for optimum clutch compatibility during gear changes – during the acceleration phase and even at consistently high speeds. MOTUL 4-stroke engine oils meet JASO MA2 specifications according to the latest JASO T903 standard. One exception is the 300V racing engine oils, which in turn exceed existing standards.


Weight 2.125 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 2.5 × 5.5 in

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