TRS Employee Bike Series on Youtube

Over the years customers ask us, “What do you ride? We talk to hundreds of people over the years and in these videos, you get to put a face to a name. Starting in February we are doing an “Employee Bike” Series on our YouTube Channel.  We will release a video of an employee each Monday and Friday. Each employee will go over what they have on their scooter, and we will post a PDF sheet with hyperlinks to the parts on the channel. Naturally, some of the parts on the scooters are no longer being made or have custom parts, so not every part will be listed.

Each one of us has our own personality and you will see it in our scooters. We do not work on Scooters here at TRS. We manufacture CNC parts in-house, have a full fabrication shop, and deal with customer support questions daily. We use our scooters as a tool to help answer questions. Whether it’s a Grom, Metropolitan, Ruckus, or MetRuck. Gy6 swap or GET 49cc we have them all. Each employee has either had more than one scooter or has more than one. Our team members have built their own scooters, some may have received help welding a particular part from the welder, getting parts custom-made on our CNC machine, having the graphic guy design a sticker, making a wheel on CAD, or help to get tuned, but not one of our scooters have been bought from someone. Many are taken apart completely to powder coat the frame and start fresh. Even Savannah’s Metropolitan had every piece of plastic removed replacing them with factory-fresh OEM plastics and a complete 49cc Ruckus motor swap. We hope you enjoy this series on our YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/theruckshop.

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