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General questions with straight answers!

1. Q: Where is my tracking number for my order?

A: Once the carrier picks up the package(s) you will get an automated email sent to you with your tracking #. Please allow 24 hours for system to update. Please check your junk mail.

2. Q: Do you have parts in stock?

A: If you can add the part in the CART we have it in stock ready to ship. We do not drop ship parts from other companies. We physically have it in STOCK.

3. Q: Where can I get one of these at? How much do they cost?

A: You can buy a stock one at you local Honda Motorcycle Dealer. Used ones can be found on Craigslist or Facebook Classified either stock or custom. Used stock ones range from $1500-$2000. Modified range from $2000-$9000+ USD.

4. Q: How fast do these go?

A: Stock 49cc Honda Ruckus 35-45MPH
Modified 49cc- 45-60 MPH depends on Rider’s Weight See Q&A Ruckus Section
GY6 Motor – 60-80 MPH depends on Rider’s Weight See Q&A Gy6

5. Q: Do you work on them?

A: We only make the parts, offer support and ship parts. We are not a repair or custom shop.

6. Q: Is an Icebear, Mad-dog, Bash or any other clone the same thing? The sales guy said they are. How can I tell the difference?

A: These are Chinese copies of what a modified Honda Ruckus looks like. The are not the same as a HONDA RUCKUS. The Honda Ruckus has a cast front frame and tube rear frame. The Clones are all tubed frames and none of the Honda Ruckus custom or OEM parts will fit the clones.

7. Q: Do I need a motorcycle Endorsement? Can my 12-year ride one legally?

A: Please check your local state but normally for 49cc Scooter most States are not required for scooters under 50cc. Honda Grom 125cc: since it’s over 49cc then most States require a motorcycle endorsement or license. GY6 swapped Honda Ruckus? This is a gray area since the title is 49cc then no endorsement. Here in the State of Florida cc motor sizes do not mean MPH top speed. Please check your local laws. All motorized vehicles on a US Public Road require a Driver’s License. So, if they are 12 years old, they cannot legally drive on a public road. Technically speaking even, a bicycle with a motor on it requires a driver’s license. We are not an authority on all local, state and national laws so again please check your local State laws.

8. Q: Can I build one from scratch?

A: No, not one with a title. You can buy a front and rear frame from your Honda Dealer but they are replacement frames and have NO VIN and no title. We have tried to build one from scratch with a titled frame and it actually cost us more to build then just spending $1500 to get a used one. Since there are many other parts needed other than the frame.

9. Q: Do you know anyone that does custom builds?

A: There are very few that do custom builds, but you would have to provide a donor scooter. We can do not endorse any. Many are expensive and that is why we make Youtube Videos and How-to instructions for the novice. Many of our customers buy their first tool set to modify their Scooter or Honda Grom.

10. Q: Are you open on the weekends?

A: No, Hours are Monday – Friday 9-5 PM EST. The website is opened 24/7, 365 days.

11. Q: Do you have any coupon codes?

A: We do not have coupons. If you see a coupon code offered it is from a spam site. We offer free shipping on orders over $279 to US 48 states and often many of our parts are on sale throughout the year.

12. Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, please enter the parts in the shopping cart online and your address and you will see the international shipping price. International customers do not qualify for free shipping and are responsible for any custom or duty fees.

13. Q: Do you buy used parts or trades?

A: No, we only sell NEW items. If we do have some used parts they have been tested and obtained by a dealer.


49cc related questions

1. Q: What is the best performance parts for the 49cc to get me to 50 mph?
2. Q: What is the quietest exhaust you have for the 49cc ruckus? Are any of the exhausts as quiet as stock?

A: Yoshimura carbon and Yoshimura stainless both are the same just different looks. No aftermarket exhaust is as quiet as stock so be ready for a difference.

3. Q: Do you have any used motors or frames at the shop?

A: We do not, since we do not work on scooters here.

4. Q: Can you mount tires onto the wheels before shipping?

A: We cannot as we don’t have the machine to do so.

5. Q: Do you sell aftermarket carbs for the ruckus 49cc?

A: We do not since you can get the OEM one to work great with the correct jetting.

6. Q: Will I hurt the motor when I put a cdi on the ruckus 49cc?

A: No, you will not as your rpms will have to exceed 10,000 and then the valves will float.

7. Q: Can I go fatty with the 6.5” or 9.5” stretch?

A: No, you cannot as those stretches have no offset so the wheel will be off-center 3” to the right and will not work. The biggest you can go is 12×5 or 10×5.

8. Q: What white walls will work on my OEM factory wheels?

A: Any of our white walls will work that the last digits end in 10 for example (3.50×10 or 100/90-10) here is the link for whitewall tires.

9. Q: Do you have aftermarket clutches or clutch springs for the ruckus?

A: We do not as they are not made directly for the ruckus 49cc platform and are for the Chinese 50cc scooters with 3 springs.

10. Q: How fast can I get if I’m over 230lbs?

A: your speed will be determined by your tuning of the scooter as well as your weight. Anyone over 230lbs will not be able to see the results that other lighter riders do reach in the 55mph range. Over 200 lbs will see more along with the 45-50 mph range since the scooter is rated for riders 220lbs and under.

11. Q: How much oil does the 49cc take?

A: It takes .6 liters so a little over half a liter or 2.53 cups. It will not read high on the dipstick so keep that in mind. Honda tends to overfill the scooter from the dealership which leads to loss of MPH.

12. Q: Do you have a shock that will work with no stretch, stock airbox, and better than stock?

A: Forsa shock is the only aftermarket shock that works with no stretch and is better than stock.

13. Q: Do I need to extend my ruckus 49cc harness when stretching the scooter?

A: No you do not, just fuel line, brake cable, and throttle cable.

14. Q: How long of brake and throttle cable will I need when I stretch the scooter?

A: That will all depend on the stretch length and if you have OEM handlebars. See product descriptions for stretch kit in question-

15. Q: I have led blinkers and they are staying solid when blinker is engaged, what’s wrong?

A: You will need a flasher relay.

16. Q: My led blinkers flash 4 way like emergency lights why is it doing this?

A: Then you will have to use resistors on the front blinker wires only (only need to order one set).

17. Q: Can I put an intake on with stock exhaust?

A: Yes, you can, just make sure you only use the 85 main jet included and DO NOT use the shim or 38 idle jet.

18. Q: Can I run just an exhaust on my 49cc ruckus?

A: Yes, but you will need our jet kit to get the jetting correct for your scooter.

19. Q: Are all the 49cc ruckus models the same?

A: No, the 2003-2005 are different engine model, ECU and wire-harness with restrictions of 8000 RPM and no PCV valve. 2006+ and up are all the same 8200 RPM and PCV valve. Frames and all other parts are the same from 2003 to current. All of our parts sold work on 2003 to current models.

20. Q: How much faster will I go with met gears?

A: This depends on tuning, but the gears are about 11% taller so you will have to tune the variator accordingly.

21. Q: Can I run disc brakes on my stock ruckus wheel?

A: No since the OEM wheel is 10” and the drum hub is welded into the wheel. Therefore, there is no way for a rotor setup to be fitted.

22. Q: Can I run drum brakes on an aftermarket 12×4 front wheel?

A: No, since the hub for that wheel is designed to run disc setups and these wheels are not made like OEM wheels with the hub casted into them.

23. Q: Will putting new jets in my carb make my scooter faster?

A: No, it will bog down your scooter you will need an intake or exhaust to accommodate the extra fuel intake.

24. Q: Is the TVR intake safe without a filter?

A: Yes, it is as the wind would have to match your mph and come perfectly sideways to be sucked in as the intake is on the side of the scooter. We don’t recommend running this intake for the off-road trails or on the beach.

25. Q: Will the bar end mirrors fit my OEM ruckus handlebars?

A: Yes, they will you will have to cut the grips and the end of the throttle tube if your year ruckus has a closed-end throttle.


GY6 related questions

1. Q: Can a 49cc wheel fit a gy6 hub?

A: The 49cc will not fit on a gy6 hub. The 4/137 or 4/140 lug pattern is too large for the gy6 hub and sits past the edges of the hub. This is discussed in this video.

2. Q: What do I need to go gy6?

A: Please watch the youtube video attached here as well as we offer kits like this one to help make it easier.

3. Q: How fast can I go on my gy6?

A: Typically, out of the box the gy6 can go anywhere from 55-65mph. Once you begin to do bolt-on accessories, such as a transmission kit and aftermarket carburetor then you can increase to 70+ MPH.

4. Q: How reliable is the gy6 motor?

A: The gy6 can be a reliable platform. The key is to stay consistent with the oil changes and to make sure to check your valves every 800-1000 miles and make sure they are gapped at .004 intake and .005 exhaust at the top dead center. Remember many scooter rental places use these scooters and they are ridden hard, but the engines are taken care of. In China, the Gy6 motor is most common and is used a daily form of transportation.

5. Q: What oil does the gy6 take and how much of it?

A: The gy6 uses 10w40 oil and will use 9/10 of a liter or 900ml if your oil container has a window with the hash marks on it. Be advised it will not read on your dipstick when this motor is on a Honda Ruckus. So, do not be alarmed.

6. Q: What is the difference between the ruckus engine and the gy6 engine?

A: The Honda Ruckus is a Japanese 49cc liquid cooled engine that make about 4hp. The Gy6 is a Chinese 150cc air cooled engine that makes about 9-10hp in stock form.

7. Q: What is the biggest bore that I can do on my gy6 150cc?

A: The biggest bore you can do on the A-case gy6 engine is 63mm. This bore opens the walls of the casing very thin, so it is not a recommended bore. We at the shop would only recommend the 61mm big bore kit that we sell that is a drop-in kit and will not require boring to the motor causing the case to be thin like the 63mm.

8. Q: what’s the valve adjustment settings on a 150cc gy6?

A: The valve adjustment settings are measured when the motor is at top dead center and read .004 at the intake and .005 at the exhaust.

9. Q: What are the torque settings for a gy6 150cc and 171cc engine?

A: We go over the torque settings in this video attached.

10. Q: How much does it cost to go gy6?

A: This will all depend on the setup that you choose with the exhaust and wheel that you choose as well. Typically for a basic running setup with an open header it will cost about $1700. If you choose to go with a nicer exhaust or a cut wheel, then expect into 2K range.

11. Q: Do you do the Gy6 swaps at the shop?

A: We do not do the swaps at the shop since we do not work on scooters here and only make/sell the products.

12. Q: Do you offer a swap kit?

A: We do offer a swap kit. The kit comes with the majority of the parts and then has hyperlinks for the other parts you will need to complete it.

13. Q: Do you mount tires?

A: We do not mount tires here as we do not have the tools or machines to do so.

14. Q: Do you make custom one-off wheels?

A: We do not since we are always running our CNC machines to keep stocking items available for our customers.

15. Q: How hard is it to swap a gy6 into the Ruckus?

A: It is not difficult as we make videos on how to do a lot of the work on our gy6 parts on youtube.

16. Q: Can I run my motor without plastics?

A: It is not recommended as the plastics serve as ventilation and cooling duct with the fan mounted off the crank. If the plastics are removed, then the motors tend to overheat. It may seem like they will stay cool without the plastics, but they were designed like this for a reason.

17. Q: Is a 30mm carb too big for a 150cc?

A: It is not too big for a gy6 150cc engine as if you get the jetting correct it will run just fine. Typically, it will be a 115 main jet and 32 idle jet.

18. Q: Do I have to swap my long axle out?

A: We recommend that you remove the long axle for a short axle so you can run a hubcap and avoid any type of spacing issues. Here is our install video.

19. Q: Is a 232cc engine a daily ridable engine?

A: This engine is made for racing use only and is typically not a good platform for daily riding as they are very temperamental. There are more potential issues to be aware of with a motor of this size. For this reason, we do not sell the 232cc motor or build these motors. The 232cc uses the B-case engine case and our exhaust does not fit the B-Case Gy6. Currently, we do not offer any B-case custom exhaust.


Grom/MSX related questions

1. Q: Why is one a Honda Grom and one MSX 125. Are they same?

A: Yes, the Grom is the US and Canadian Markets name. The Honda MSX 125 is the overseas name.

2. Q: Are there any changes in the model years?

A: No, 2014-2015 is an OG model and has a tab for exhaust on the frame, different plastics than the later models. 2016+ is SF model and uses a different headlight, plastics, gas tank lid, battery box under the seat is placed in a different spot, and has an ABS Brake option. Some parts are specific to years. Check item descriptions.

3. Q: Will your parts work on a Chinese Clone Grom?

A: We do not know as we only have Honda Ruckus here. We do not accept returns on installed parts and all orders will have a 20% restocking fee. If you have a clone and a Grom part works that you know for a fact from seeing someone install it, please make sure before ordering.

4. Q: Can you use a 4.5” lowering link on a non-stretched Grom?

A: No, you can only use a 2.5 lowering link with no stretch.

5. Q: What parts do you offer for the Honda Grom?

A: Please visit TRS Grom Parts

6. Q: What do I need to lower the front end? Can I use stock bars?

A: You will need a 2” lowering spring kit. You must have either 1.5-inch Risers or our TRS Racebars so the fork tubes clear.

7. Q: Do I have to tune by Grom with an Exhaust?

A: No, you can use the stock map.

8. Q: How fast can I get my Grom to go?

A: This depends on the rider’s weight and aftermarket parts. We do not offer many aftermarket engine parts and find to get more top speed we would just change the front or rear sprocket. We have seen many companies offer big bore engine kits but none we have found last long over 170cc. Since you are now into a motorcycle we suggest going to a bigger motorcycle or be happy with under 70 MPH as it is a mini motorcycle.

9. Q: Do you have the parts in stock?

A: Yes, if you put the parts in the cart, we have ready to ship. We do not drop-ship parts or do pre-orders.

10. Q: Does your stretch kit come with chain and the tool?

A: Yes.

11. Q: Do you have 12×8 or 12×7 wheel kits?

A: No, we only offer 12×6 wide wheel kits due to transmission output shaft issues and swingarm size.

12. Q: Do you have to have a motorcycle license or endorsement for a Honda Grom?

A: Yes, A motorcycle license is required in all states, although this may be an authorization on a car license (Endorsement). Please check your local state laws as they may vary State to State.