Genuine OEM Honda NPS50/S Ruckus Engine Rebuild Kit 2003+

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We have have people wanting to freshen up there tired Honda GET 49cc Motor. Comes complete with all gaskets and new piston and rings. Please see part diagrams of parts included in Red circles. This is a complete kit and sold complete we will not remove parts.. Here are the parts included:

    • HO12251-GET-003 gasket, cyl hd  x 1
    • HO31135-GET-000 gasket, stator base x 1
    • HO14560-KCW-851 gasket  x 1
    • HO51996-SA5-800 o-ring b  x 2
    • HO11309-GEE-000 seal, rubber (88mm)  x 1
    • HO91202-GEE-003 oil seal (19x32x6) x 1
    • HO91302-001-020 o-ring (30.8mm) x 1
    • HO94109-12000 washer, drain (12mm) X 1
    • HO13010-GET-306 ring set (std) x 1
    • HO13101-GET-670 piston x 1
    • HO13111-GET-000 pin,piston x 1
    • HO90601-MA6-000 ring (56mm) x 2
    • HO18291-GET-000 gasket ex pipe  x 1
    • HO91008-GGZ-J01 bearing (6203uu) x 1
    • HO91254-GE8-005 oil seal (24x40x7) x 1
    • HO19216-GET-000 gasket x 1
    • HO19301-GET-000 o-ring x 1
    • HO19305-GET-013
    • HO91202-KJ9-003 oil seal (20x32x6) x 1
    • HO94301-08140 pin, dowel (8×14) x 2
    • HO96100-62013-00 bearing (6201) x 1
  • The case uses Honda Bond High Temp RTV to seal or you can get Ultra Black RTV. Please match gaskets and parts with the ones you are remove and if you are unsure how rebuild please check service manual or take to a service tech. We do not provide tech support when rebuilding these motors. All parts come from Honda Direct.




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