Stage 6 Throttle To CVK Carburetor Throttle Cable 75 INCH USA


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Stage 6 to CVK throttle cable will allow Stage 6 (SSP) controls to be installed with CVK carburetors. Ideal for those who are upgrading from stock handle controls to Stage 6 or KOSO units. TRS Throttle SSP to CVK throttle cable will also work with other motorcycles or scooters that has the same type of fitting for the carburetor (all Stage 6 or KOSO throttle assembly are the same). Cable is 75″ works great for 9.5, and pretty much all stretch kits.


THIS IS ONLY IF YOU HAVE A STAGE6 THROTTLE. if you have an OEM or NCY throttle this will not work.

*Don’t forget to lube all cables with cable lube, WD-40, or oil. All cables come dry and should always be lubed.


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