Welcome to our Blog

WELCOME to the TRS Blog. We have decided to let our customers in on our story, how we got started, products we have currently have, products we are working on, insights on how to install products, and other aspects of the Honda Ruckus and Honda Grom (MSX ) scene. We will touch base on what we are seeing in the industry, product shortage, materials, shipping, and just an in-depth account of our business.

We are going to try to do a blog 1 once every 1-2 weeks so you do not get bogged down. We have almost 12 years of content to talk about so please check out our blog. While we have many Youtube installation videos on products, we will also be speaking in-depth about certain products and what we have seen with installation, fixes, customer experiences, and since we can not make a new video we will touch base on those parts in our blog. We look forward to seeing you here.


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