Honda Monkey Billet Tank Riser with Stainless Steel Seat support


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Looking to raise the seat to get rid of that ugly gap. We got the complete kit.  This complete kit lifts the tank the perfect height with our 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum Machined Risers to fill the seat gap and move the tank higher on the frame. Big visual difference in the side profile of the Monkey 125. Not only is that horrible gap between the tank and the seat gone but the bottom of the tank is now in-line with the seat frame, the top of the tank is more in-line with the handlebars and the top of the seat, and overall, the bike has a much more aggressive look to it with a higher tank!  Lifting the tank also allows more room for a much Larger Intake Tube for those of you who are planning huge performance increases!
Installation does require drilling some small holes but we include the 5.2mm drill bit.  NO cutting of the Seat frame support our kit comes with NEW 304 STAINLESS SEAT support included. We found many people do not the tools to cut the thick seat support so we are including it.
Complete Kit includes:
  • Billet Tank Riser and Spacer
  • Stainless Hardware
  • Correct 5.2mm Drill for installation
Do you have a tank riser from somewhere else but don’t want to mod your seat supports. You can purchase just the seat support by itself and paint match it to you frame, powder it, polish, or paint it black. Comes in 304 Stainless steel so you can leave it raw.
Installation: (SEE PICTURES)
  1. Drain fuel or run low (make easier to lift)
  2. Unplug the fuel pump
  3. Disconnect Fuel line and Evap line
  4. Remove seat 2 x M8 Allen heads, lift seat from front and pull back. Seat will come off with seat bracket.
  5. Remove Seat bracket by unbolting 3 x m8 nuts. Remove bracket and transfer rubber grommets and sleeves to new stainless bracket
  6. Bolt new stainless seat bracket to seat.
  7. Remove OEM TANK grommets. Place Billet Tank riser over stud at 12 o’clock position, Mark holes and drill with provided drill. Repeat on other side
  8. Bolt Billet Tanks Risers to frame with M5 hardware. Place OEM rubber grommet over Billet Tank riser.
  9. Replace tank front first lock into rubber grommets, Install Rear Tank Spacer between tank and frame. Don’t forget to plug in fuel pump and lines
  10. Install seat reverse of taking it off with new stainless seat riser you have already installed on the frame.
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Weight 1.3125 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 in
Monkey tank

Complete Kit, Seat Frame riser Only

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