The Ruck Shop makes no warranties whatsoever, expressed or implied, oral or written to purchaser. There is no warranty of merchantability to purchaser. Ordering any parts from Spec Cycles, Inc. Dba The Ruck Shop is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and to his discretion as to the correctness of the parts for his application. The Ruck Shop takes absolutely no responsibility for the correctness of the application of the parts or for the use of the parts. If, and in the event that the purchaser expressly or implied cause representations, or statement, or affirmations of fact contrary to this disclaimer of all warranties, expressed or implied, then purchasers agree to indemnify and hold harmless The Ruck Shop in the event of any claim, demand, or legal action against The Ruck Shop by an purchaser.
The Ruck Shop will not be held liable for any damage to goods while under transport by a common or private carrier. We will not ship this motor unless you purchase with Route Protection. Purchase of this motor must use PAYPAL and shipped to a CONFIRMED ADDRESS.  If you do not have paypal please contact us.  Motor can only Ship to US 48 States. 

What this means to you:  We have an absolutely fantastic record of rebuilding fast and dependable engines. But, we cannot promise that you can take our products and win races or be the fastest.  There is no warranty on any performance motorcycle/Atv/Scooter/Car engines we know of. The engine manufacturer does not warranty them, and we certainly cannot either. Many of these engines are put in vehicles such as the Honda Ruckus of which the engine was not even designed for. Increased power, rpm, load, side-load, heat, all will work a motor harder than before, and can affect reliability. If you are not willing to accept this risk, then we will advise you to run a stock motor and accept the best MPH you can muster. This is the nature of a performance motor. Furthermore it also not our responsibility to see or educate the customer on how to install, tune, and maintain the engine or plumb the fuel system correctly. That said we have always, and will always try to help the customer by making recommendations based on our many years of experience.