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Honda Ruckus Performance Kit for OEM 49cc Motor 2003-2024

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So, you got a Honda Ruckus and want to make it go faster but see all this stuff on the internet and don’t know what to get. Well, rest assured we’ve got you covered. After many years of test and tuning, trying different parts, and years of selling Honda Ruckus Parts we have put together the only KIT that matters and has been tested over and over and still yields the best results. You want 50 MPH out of your 49cc. This is the kit. No need for an aftermarket clutch, clutch springs, big carbs, Cam, or BBK. We have seen guys running in the upper 50’s and even some 60 MPH with the STAGE 2 kit, new drive face, new belt, and oil. may need tuning with variator weights depending on the rider’s weight. This kit will work on all years of the ruckus and from 2003-2009 for the met.

Stage 1 includes:

This is usually the first modification everyone does to get a little more speed.


Stage 2 includes:

Stage2 With Carbon Yoshimura

Stage2 With Stainless Yoshimura


Stage 2 with Two Brothers Carbon Exhaust


Stage 2 with PSP Carbon / Stainless


Intake kit comes with jets and should always be done with Exhaust together. No sense in re-jetting again. Do it all at once.

It’s a good idea to get a new CVT belt if yours is old or has more than 2000 miles, change the oil and put no more than .6L  (2.53 cups) of 10/40 and if your OEM drive face is worn you may need to get a new one. You purchase these parts below under the related items.


TRS makes no guarantee that your 49cc will run 50 MPH especially if the rider’s weight is above 200 lbs. We have this kit on our personal WELL-MAINTAINED ruckus and go 55 MPH with a 200-pound rider. Riders under 200 Lbs. have reached up to 60 mph tucked over a 2-mile flat stretch at sea-level. Every 49cc Scooter is different and results will vary.  All parts should be installed by a trained motorcycle technician but have included YouTube videos below for someone that is mechanically inclined. TRS makes no warranties, implied or otherwise towards the performance of these kits.

We tried many velocity intakes and final got a good design which are made in house from 6061 Billet.








The product that you are purchasing is designed and intended for closed course competition use only and is labeled as such, i.e., Yoshimura “RACE SERIES.” Yoshimura RACE SERIES, Carburetors, Intakes, Exhaust, or any other performance products are neither designed nor intended for use on PUBLIC ROADS or LAND. Such use is prohibited by Federal and State regulations. By Placing order and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions at CHECK OUT you acknowledge that the item being purchased is for racing only and this vehicle will never be used on public roads or land.


Weight 2.1815 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in
Performance Kit


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  1. Jay

    I purchased the Stage 2 carbon kit. This kit is amazing ! Ruckus is way faster, better low end speed, better to speed, climbs hills without loosing power, exhaust looks and sounds great, all around better performance. I reccomend this kit to anyone.


  2. Alroy jr Choy foo

    Thank for the quick delivery!now im need a cheap exhaust

    Alroy jr Choy foo

  3. Em

    Stage 2 kit helped my Ruck a little bit…climbs to 35mph pretty quickly, seems to top out at 45, can only hit 50 mph down hills but i could do that before the kit. Still loses its speed badly up hills (falls around 25-30mph up most slants, down to 19mph up real steep hills) & I’m 162lbs. Needed a sauter since the connectors that come with the CDI were bad.
    The exhaust is worth it for sure though, it sounds amazing for a 50cc.
    Been messing with the variator rollers to see if i can’t get even better performance outta it.


  4. Alexander

    I topped out at 45mph with everything minus the variator so I’m excited to put that on. The decompression tube added an uneasy sucking sound to the overall ride which i didn’t like and i dont like the fact that it took the place of my tip stick. Id have to keep it with me if i want to check the oil. Projectile oil isnt very eco friendly either. Overall though I’m happy with the purchase.


  5. cody.shankland2015

    Bought the stage 1 kit for my 2019 stock Ruckus. im 200 lbs and just the CDI / Variator made a instant impression ! much more performance out of the GET engine.. now for an exhaust . 😀 great service . p.s They ship to Canada ;D


    • Ryan trs

      happy it worked out for you, cant wait to see what else you can get for power out of it!

      Ryan trs

  6. robertjohnmohr

    Bought the stage 2 kit last month. All around better performance. Cuts in half the time it takes to accelerate from 0-30 mph compared to stock, and able to consistently go 45 mph. Beyond 45 unable to test without a new speedometer.


  7. Matt

    This Stage 2 kit is awesome and worth every penny. It has markedly improved both the acceleration and top speed of my 2018 Honda Ruckus. Bone stock I was getting 41 mph top speed and after installing and tuning this kit I have achieved 51.5 mph on flat ground (tucking). I am able to climb most hills faster as well. If you enjoy tuning and want to maximize the performance of your GET engine, this kit is the cream of the crop.


  8. Stuart

    Bought the Stage 2 kit. Had a question about a part, and had an answer within 30 minutes of sending an email. I am very impressed, the videos on YouTube helped guide me pretty well. Took me roughly 4 hours to completely install the Stage 2 kit. Took my 2022 ruckus for about a 36 mile ride after install and was super happy with performance. Was consistently holding 46-48 mph, hit 51 once, and was no longer bogging down to 19mph when going up hills. Bike held at 30-35 going up big steep hills. No longer feel like I’m going to get ran off the road. The exhaust is just what I wanted, loud enough to turns heads and let people know you’re there. But not so loud it makes your ears bleed. Overall I am very impressed with what was provided in the kit and will be purchasing from The Ruckus Shop in the future.


  9. JR

    Installed the two brothers stage 2 kit for a stock 2024 ruckus with 300mi. The install was easy and found the videos provided by the trs team to be very helpful. I’m 165lbs and was getting high 30s by the end of a 1/4mi of flat ground maybe 40mph. After install I’m easily mid 40s by the end of 1/4mi, and have seen a major improvement to acceleration getting up to 30mph is much quicker. Have yet to install the decompression hose for the oil fill. One thing negative, I have experienced is dying out when idling for over 10sec at a light. Wondering if I should change the idle jet from the one provided in the kit or see if the decompression hose installation will make a difference? Sounds like a mini beast, def recommend for anyone trying to gain that edge. Overall 5 stars because you will see an improvement in performance as advertised.


  10. wellnessworldinc

    Installed this kit with stainless Yoshi. Depending on the weights setup you will get vastly different results. Make sure you get the trail tech gauge or the budget gauge so you can read your RPMs to tune properly. You’ll get vastly different results Depending on your weights in variator.
    I’m 200lbs with cargo.
    * 5.0g Dr Pulleys 51mph @ 10.1k RPM downhill, 43mph flats, 32mph uphill
    * 5.5g Dr Pulleys 45mph @ 10k RPM downhill, 41mph flats, 30mph uphill
    * 6.9g polinis (×3)+ 5.0g Dr pulleys (×3) 49mph @ 9.5k RPM, 42mph flats, but struggles on hills @25 mph
    RuckShop insists I should be getting 50+ downhill and 46-48mph flats…I might need new shims achieve this so that’s next and also going to try MET gears after. All in all, I love this kit! I was getting 33mph (unknown RPMs) stock on this used 2018 Ruckus prior to ordering this stage 2 kit. Exhaust is loud to turn heads but not making me deaf lol, it actually has a very deep motorcycle hum to it I LOVE IT! Totally recommend but make sure you get extra Dr pulley weights so you can tune to your rider weight for desired performance.


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